FJR Industries Twili Tip

FJR Industries Twili Tip

FJR Industries Twili Tip

Price: $7.70

If you use wire line for deep water trolling you know it's great for heavy duty fishing. But you also know it's hard to reel it in due to the resistance on the tip guide. This extra resistance breaks down the molecular bond of the metal wire and causes the wire to break which causes you to lose your fish and most likely your temper.

The most effective solution to this problem is the use of a Twili-tip. The twili tip is a coiled spring assembly that is attached to the end of your rod. The wire line is fed though the center of the coil and this helps to reduce resistance during reeling by gently bending the wire through a non abrasive arc. The lower resistance helps the wire hold together better allowing you to get the fish back to the boat and go home happy not hot headed.

When you purchase a Twili-tip at our store we'll professionally attach it to your rod while you wait for FREE!

It's just one of the ways we go deeper for you.

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